Knowing how to set and smash your singing goals is an essential tool for every singer that is serious about their development.

The dream (& all the moving parts of artist development) can be so big that it’s hard to stay focused.

Where should you start?

We need to break down our goals into smaller action steps that we can tackle each week.

What do you most want to improve about your voice?

What are some goals for singing?

A goal for your voice might be to extend your range, to be able to control your vibrato or have vibrato, develop your vocal stamina, your agility or a million different things. However, it’s essential to focus on one thing at a time when you’re practicing.

My goal currently is to stick to my daily care rituals. If you need help creating rituals, check out this post on how to develop good rituals for your voice.

Once you have set your goals, you can use a vocal journal to can track your progress and you can also video record yourself.

Recording yourself is the best way to monitor your progress by watching yourself back and seeing a before and after video of how you were when you started singing a particular song or working on a specific technique and how you’ve improved over a period of focussed practice.

Create new singing goals weekly, review them weekly and let me know over about 30-90 days what kind of improvements you see.

90 days is an excellent time frame for reassessing goals for your voice & overall artist development.

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