Knowing how to practice singing safely and efficiently will make a massive difference to your vocal development.

I’ve outlined a practice plan to help you to know what to work on.

Your practice plan should include:

1. Vocal goal focus for session (ie: extending range, breath management, vocal agility, pitch control, vocal stamina) – use your vocal journal to map out your practice plan.

2. Release tension in your body & your voice – Sirens and Singer’s Stretches

3. Vocal Warm Up

4. a) Vocal Workout – use scales or specific vocalisations if you are spotlighting a particular technique OR

4. b) Song Study – sing through the song you are working on focussing on one element at a time

For either option, video your practice so you can review and work out what you need to tweak.

5. Warm down your voice

6. Vocal Rest

Bonus Singing Practice Tip

Keeping excellent Daily Vocal Care Habits will help to keep your voice ready for action and any practice or performance opportunities that pop up:

  • Hydration plan (drinking enough water for your body, steaming, salt gargle, nasal irrigation if needed)
  • Sleep – the right amount for you each night
  • Nutrition awareness (is dairy triggering mucus or are you suffering from reflux due to spicy or acidic foods or simply eating to close to bedtime?)
  • Speaking voice mindfulness

Watch the video for one extra bonus tip! Hint, you could call it weight training for your voice!

Having songs to study and perform regularly, helps to strengthen your voice and boost your confidence in your singing ability.

Challenge yourself to pick, practice, polish, perform and post a song to YouTube or Instagram in  the next 7 – 30 days!

No matter where you are on your vocal development journey, becoming a better singer (and staying good!) begins with more singing.


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