The secret to singing
with confidence

Knowing how to get the best out of your voice every time you sing.

Are you sick of...

...feeling your voice isn't strong enough 
...your vocals being too soft/quiet  
...how quickly your voice feels exhausted after singing 

So, you try to fix it by...

...watching YouTube videos  
...scrolling Reddit posts 
...having a few lessons and practicing occasionally 

But none of it has really made a difference, has it?

It's time to be the best singer you can be and sing anywhere, anytime with confidence.

Imagine if...

You could sing more openly and found the range where your voice could shine!

You were confident projecting your voice and knew how to give it volume...

You had strength in your higher vocal ranges and voice control...

You understood how to sing with power and stamina without losing or damaging your voice!

You deserve this and more and I am here to help you make it happen! 

and that is why I am inviting you to join the

The Singers Technique Toolkit is an 8-week online vocal coaching course that offers you the direction, support and vocal tools you need to feel confident, every time you sing.

Designed to show you the exact steps needed to make understanding and developing your voice as easy as possible, no matter how long you've been singing for. 

Want to explore and expand your voice?

Here's how it works


Lay Your Singing Foundations 

Map out your singing goals plus the songs you want to sing and review your vocal health to lay a strong foundation for your voice.

Singing Prep Questionnaire - answer a few questions to help you decide your singing goals and reflect on your daily vocal care habits.
Vocal Health Check-in - explore the best ways to look after and keep your voice in optimum shape for singing.
Select Your Songs - I'll help you choose songs that are fun for you to sing and to overlay your technique toolkit onto!

Week 2

Sing Your Songs

Learn the best way to get your voice warmed up and together we'll review what you love about your vocal performance and what you want to work on. 

Get Your Voice Ready For Singing - I'll show you how to warm up your voice, personalised to the songs you've selected, plus how to warm down after singing. 
Video Review Set Up Tips - learn easy ways to record yourself singing for review, as well as pro tips for getting great "takes" of your performance.
Video Review - sing your songs, video record yourself, watch back and review.  It's your secret weapon for improving your singing and I'll coach you step by step.


Polish Your Performance

Take a deep dive into your songs, choose technique tools to troubleshoot and explore voice qualities for storytelling and delivering emotion when singing.

Song Study - using my step-by-step checklist you'll make any song your own while spotlighting your singing and highlighting the story.
Troubleshooting Tools - open the Technique Vault for solutions to any singing challenge you've EVER encountered.
Singing With Emotion - using sounds we hear everyday, access emotion in your voice so your singing and storytelling connects with your listeners.


Fill Your Technique Toolkit

Explore all the techniques on offer in the Technique Vault and continue to load your toolkit with singing solutions.

Weekly Check-in - I host a 60 minute group coaching session to answer your questions. 
Performance Review Feedback  - submit your song for review by me! I'll offer you positive and constructive feedback to support your singing choices.
Implementation Time - extra time to delve into your vocal tools, try out techniques to decide what works and what else you want to add to your toolkit.


Practice With Your Tools

Take the time to implement and practice with the new tools you have in your toolkit.

Practice Plan - I will show you exactly what to focus on to get the most out of your practice opportunities. 
Implementation Time - practice singing your songs, trying out your favourite technique tools using your personalised practice plan.
Ongoing Support - continued access to weekly group coaching and feedback from me.


Prepare To Perform

Daily vocal care habits and vocal stamina are the focus as I introduce "pro" rehearsal tips for getting gig fit and ready to perform.

Pre-Performance Checklist - create your customised pre-performance rituals to get your voice ready to perform and add the final polish to your songs.
Rehearsal Tips - essential "pro" tips to help with vocal stamina when in rehearsal mode so you don't fatigue or lose your voice pre-performance!
Support and Feedback - get any help you need with your questions answered in another weekly 60 minute group coaching session. 


 Perform Your Songs

It's show time! Sing your song and review your performance.

Performance Opportunity - showcase your voice and your chosen technique tools.
Review and Reflect - watch your performance and compare it to the first recordings you made. Celebrate yourself, your singing and the technique toolkit you've created!
More Support and Feedback - another opportunity to have questions answered in the weekly 60 minute group coaching session. 


Reset And Refocus

Time to celebrate and look ahead to what's next!

Revamp Your Singing Goals - review what you wanted to achieve and set new goals for your voice.
Revisit Technique Toolkit Vault you have access to the vault even after the course is complete. Check out additional tools you might want to add to your toolkit.
Ongoing Support - as a Singers Technique Toolkit graduate, you get ongoing access to me. Regular review and feedback sessions kick off once the course is completed. 

"These tools made me feel safe, excited and performance ready for recording day (as well as having a few extra tools up my sleeve should the direction of the song change on the day!)."

Awhimai Fraser


Want to feel performance ready?

Hi! I'm Cherie Mathieson, Vocal Coach and Professional Singer

I love helping singers build confidence in their vocal ability, hone their signature sound and craft powerful performances.

My goal is to offer you tools that empower you to explore your voice and creativity no matter what style you want to sing.

Always singing the way it "sounds in your head".

These tools come from my Singers Technique Toolkit. A voice and performance development "bag of tricks", collated from studying voice obsessively, alongside 30 years of "on the job" training as a professional live and studio session singer.

Is this for you?

This IS for you if...

You're excited to explore and expand your vocal abilities
You want the best out of your voice every time you sing
You're ready to put in the work (and reap the rewards!)

It's probably NOT for you if...

You don't want to learn online
You won't make time to practice 
You're not willing to do the work

I Want You To Love It...

If you're on the fence but desperately want to build your Singers Technique Toolkit, join today, do all the exercises laid out in the programme, get support by asking questions and give it your best shot! 

If after 14 days of committing to the work, you're still not happy with the course and you show me all you've tried, I'll give you your money back because I really want you to love this programme.

Cherie x

Ready to start trusting your voice?
Join now!







Extra value you'll get

when you join the
Singers Technique Toolkit

8 x Weekly Coaching & Feedback Sessions

Get support and feedback every step of the way in our 60 minute weekly online group coaching sessions for each live round.

Time Saving "Done For You" Resources 

Voice Workout Audio/Video Exercises, Vocal Journal and Practice Plan Templates to help you practice effectively and track your progress. 

Ongoing Course Access 

You get access to the learning materials for the lifetime of the course! This includes regular online group coaching sessions, any future live rounds and updates to the programme.

(Total:  $1,055 Value)

"Cherie not only developed my voice but my way of thinking about it.
Her course helped shape me to where I am today.
I wouldn't have the voice I have without her."


International Recording Artist

Want to change the way you feel about your voice?

But Wait There's More! 😉

Let's talk bonuses...

Save time and energy with these invaluable resources. 

Bonus 1

Song Study Selector

(Total:  $57 Value)

Take the stress out of choosing songs to sing with my Song Study Selector Guides.

Songs for every singing level  Choose from specially selected songs to help you practice your singing and build your vocal performance repertoire. Ranging from easy, moderate through to challenging song choices.
Contemporary Styles will give you options to challenge yourself, including varying tempos and options for mid, high or low voices.
Reference and backing tracks plus lyrics are pre-prepared for you and just a few clicks away from using on your favourite streaming platform, Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube.

Bonus 2

Daily Vocal Care Habits Masterclass

(Total:  $27 Value)

A 90 minute replay of my masterclass filled with vocal health tips for singers including the daily habits needed to look after your voice and keep it in optimum shape for singing.

Bonus 3

Performance Preparation Masterclass

(Total:  $27 Value)

Learn how to get ready and be confident for any performance, live or online in this 90 minute masterclass replay.

Are you ready to feel confident about singing?
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Still got questions?

When does it start?

The next live round starts Monday the 27th of February at 9am NZT and runs through to Friday 21st of April NZT. 

How long do I have to complete the course?

You have access for the lifetime of the programme. Weekly coaching sessions happen during live rounds of the course and then ongoing regular coaching sessions are available for accountability, support and feedback. 

What kind of tech will I need?

You can do this course from your phone! Whether reviewing the programme content or participating in the group coaching sessions. 

Headphones are a great idea to enhance the live coaching experience. 

Having access to a secondary device like a laptop, pc or tablet/iPad will be helpful when recording your practices and performances for review.

How much support and feedback do I get really?

During the live rounds of the programme there are 60 minute weekly group coaching sessions where you can get feedback and support. Ongoing sessions are scheduled regularly.

You also get access to my Singers Squad community hub hosted in the platform in the course platform.

Lastly, you can comment or ask questions at any stage directly within each lesson and of the course.

How much time do I need to commit to the programme each week?

I designed the course to be flexible and to suit any schedule. 

However, to see improvements in your voice and singing, ideally you would find 1-3 hours each week to learn, implement and practice with your technique toolkit both during and after the course.

When you have filled your own technique toolkit, implementation time does get quicker, I promise! 

You will get out as much as you put it. You've got this!

© Cherie Mathieson | Big Notes Get Votes