Let me show you how to create your own performance opportunities & why, when, where & how often you should be doing that.

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Why Create Your Own Performance Opportunities?

Whether doing covers OR originals, you need to create regular opportunities to craft & hone your performance & singing skills.

You will also learn to engage with an audience both on & off stage. It can help you to understand & use the feedback you may receive which can help you craft your music or singing as well as begin building an audience & following of loyal fans! 

When – How Often Should You Create Your Own Performance Opportunities?

Singing live weekly (or more!) will fast track your vocal & performance stamina & overall confidence.

If you are wanting to make a career out of your music, the more you perform, the more people that get to see & hear you & gain interest in you as an artist or performer.

It’s also great for getting to know other singers, musicians & potentially industry folk. Community is EVERYTHING!

After all, it is often who you know…

Where Should You Go To Create Your Own Performance Opportunities?

Karaoke, open mic nights, busking, house concerts, live-streaming yourself or a combination of live & streamed through an organisation like SoFar.

Paid gigs are your next step & you will need to have some promotional material to source gigs & have an understanding of how to ‘audition’ if you are looking at being a part of shows or musical theatre or even a choir.

As I have never busked, I went to a busking guru to get some solid tips. She gave such great nuggets of wisdom that I will do a separate video on this & have a her lined up as a guest to share her experiences. SOOOO GOOD & I can’t wait for you to meet her.

Who Should Create Performance Opportunities?

EVERY singer, instrumentalist, singer/songwriter should be doing this!

For bands, it can take a bit more planning but it is ESSENTIAL tor getting your music out & honing your performance skill to create amazing shows & experiences.

How To Create Your Own Performance Opportunities

Start by using Google. Search for karaoke bars, open mic nights, house concerts, SoFar – all with your specific area added in the keyword search.

Make a list of at least three of each opportunity & get in touch to find out how it works & what you need to do to make your performance opportunity happen.

Let me know if you do this by commenting below.

I’d also love to know if you have discovered other performance opportunities. Please share!

Bonus Tips

Remember, if you don’t want to do a live performance just yet or you don’t live close enough to the kinds of opportunities I have outlined, you can pre-record yourself & release weekly videos on YouTube.

I would do both tbh!!! You could release the video on YouTube & then invite the viewers to your next live performance.

Alternatively, if you feel like you don’t have time to do a weekly lock-in of one kind of performance opportunity, do a mix of the options. For example, do alternate weeks of karaoke, open mic nights & twice a month YouTube video releases. 

So what’s next?

Get ready to perform!

And that’s what I will cover next week in the live Q & A. How to prepare for a killer performance. 

If you have any questions, I will answer them live. Just comment below or email me cherie@bignotesgetvotes.com

I can’t wait to hear what you get lined up. Share videos if you are game!

Cherie x

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