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Hi!! I'm Cherie Mathieson. Singer, Vocal & Performance Coach.

I help singers build confidence in their vocal ability, develop their performance skills & map out their own path within the modern music business.

Big Notes Get Votes is my stage for presenting the tools & resources needed to support the artist development journey.

Check out the blog for resources to support your singing, watch the video for more information on coaching and use my calendar below to book in for an introductory chat if you are ready to get started.


I had just a two hour session with her before I went back to New York and I can honestly say I learnt more than I had done in the last decade of trying. Cherie is the business, knows her s&*t, knows how to sing and knows how to pass on that information. That is all.

Dave Gibson Recording Artist - Streets of Laredo / Elemeno P

Cherie knows her stuff! She gave wonderful guidance both for my vocal work & my broader career. I went into my last recording session with renewed confidence, as well as some great tools.

Callum Gentleman Emerging Artist, Singer & Songwriter

Cherie has not only helped me discover parts of my voice that I didn't even know existed, but also helped me with my technique and knowledge to use my voice in the best and most powerful way possible! 

Alayna Emerging Artist, Singer & Songwriter

This site has given me some really good resources to use with my own students. Cherie has done all the hard work that I choose to avoid and laid out all the facts and plans of action so clearly so that we can utilise the info incredibly easily.

Leza Corban Vocal Coach, Professional Singer & Recording Artist