Over my 27 years as a professional singer, I’ve learned the 5 steps to singing and performance confidence and I use them EVERY time I sing.

Step 1: Prepare

I start this stage by getting clear on what I am working towards. My main focus in this step is my Daily Vocal Care Habits.

These actions are essential for looking after my body and voice to help me build a solid foundation for my instrument.

Step 2: Practice

Having a practice plan helps to focus on what areas need development.

Step 3: Polish

I use my Song Study method to polish and make a song my own. An easy to follow guide that keeps me on track and reminds me of all the creative options I have available so I can be intentional about my performances.

Step 4: Perform

My favourite step and the reward for all your hard work!

Performing, whether live, in the studio or posting or live-streaming, helps to strengthen many elements of your singing and performance ability.

It also gives you something to work towards and that makes all the difference to keeping motivated in each step.

Step 5: Coaching

You can move through all of these steps by yourself, however you can fast track each stage and boost your confidence in your ability by getting guidance from a vocal coach.

Which of the 5 steps to singing and performance confidence do you find the hardest?

Let me know in the comments below what you struggle with or what frustrates you about your singing development.

I love to make videos that I know will help you so leave a comment below!

Try to work through this framework and let me know if it helps you.

Do you already have a framework of your own?

Please share with me! I love hearing how other singers develop their singing and performance confidence.



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    2 replies to "5 Steps To Singing And Performance Confidence"

    • Coyle

      Your lessons and tutorials are very informative and helpful. I appreciate how you present your material. I am going to subscribe and follow you on You Tube.

      • Cherie

        Thanks so much Coyle! Really appreciate your feedback and so pleased you are finding it helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions. Cherie 🙂

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