Learn how to use a Singer’s Vocal Journal to track your voice.

This helps you to spotlight your everyday habits to understand which can support or impact your vocal performance.

A Singer’s Vocal Journal is a dedicated space to track daily habits that may impact how well your voice is performing.

You can identify patterns and tweak your vocal care habits to ensure your best voice every day.

In this video, see inside my Singer’s Vocal Journal template:

  • (00:38) – Why Should You Vocal Journal?
  • (01:48) – Track Your Sleep, Hydration, Nutrition, Hormones
  • (04:03) – Track Your Voice Use
  • (05:19) – Track How Your Voice Is Feeling

How long should you use your Singers Vocal Journal?

Use your Singer’s Vocal Journal for a week or ideally a month.

Along with tracking sleep, hydration and nutrition, keep an eye on high voice use patterns that may be creating vocal fatigue.

This could be a long day or week of speaking. If you have day job that requires you to use your voice a lot, you may be tiring out your voice during the week.

When it comes to a weekend performance, your may already be vocally fatigued.

Along with getting the right amount of sleep that works for you, taking regular vocal rest for twenty minutes, after any high voice use will assist in minimising vocal fatigue after long periods of speaking.

Vocal journalling insights

Be sure to drink enough water and be mindful of nutrition that could have a negative impact on you personally. For example, some people find dairy triggers excess mucus or phlegm.

Potentially you could avoid any food triggers in the three days leading into an important performance.

Tracking for a longer timeframe can factor in hormonal fluctuations that occur in both men and women.

For men, the cycle is over a 24 hours period. For women, it is around 28 days.

You can use all this information to prepare for daily vocal care, upcoming sessions or performances and ensure your voice is in optimum vocal health.

Grab my Singer’s Vocal Journal template and start tracking your voice use today!

Comment below with any observations you make or if you have any questions.


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