A really great tool to have as part of your artist toolkit is a singers vocal journal.

What is a Singers Vocal Journal?

It’s a place where you can jot down your goals for your voice and practice for the week, how those practices turned out and how your voice is feeling.

I give my coaching clients a template to use. It asks them to set some technical, creative & inspirational goals each week.

Making time to listen to a new playlist or watching a documentary can help refill your creative cup & I feel, should be a part of a solid weekly practice plan.

Along with all the other technical things like picking a song that they’re going to study and workshop, they will jot down for me how the actual practices went.

Most importantly, for me, is the ability to review how their voices are feeling during the week.

I ask them to jot down how their voice feels upon waking, before going to bed and then after any specific practices or gigs.

That gives us a chance to review, reflect and determine if we need to do some sort of troubleshooting on any consistent areas that are either creating vocal fatigue or just a little bit tricky.

Vocal Journal Checklist

  1. How your voice is feeling each day
  2. What techniques you want to focus on
  3. A song to apply those techniques to
  4. When and for how long you plan to practice
  5. What the outcome of that practice is & any thoughts for future practices or your next vocal coaching session
  6. What you are watching, reading and listening to, to refill your creative cup

You can keep this on a loose sheet of paper. You can keep it in a fancy vocal journal or digitally on a place like Trello which I love.

Do tell!

Try vocal journaling each week for the next 30 days then come back and let me know what you noticed was consistently happening.

Is it helpful to have a creative focus and does it keep your inspiration and motivation levels high?

Share with me what your vocal goals are and what you learned about your voice through journaling.


P.S. Need an easy template to use? Grab mine 👇🏽

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