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I want to share a personal story with you. It’s a situation that really challenged me. But also the moment that transformed my singing journey and inspired me to do exactly what I am doing today!

And I thought the most open and honest way for you to hear it was directly from me. So I recorded you an audio note.

Listen here:

But if you prefer to read, I’ll pop my story below. By the way, there’s a bonus full circle awesome moment if you read to the end…

Many years ago, I had an amazing opportunity to audition for Disney’s live musical version of Mary Poppins.

Let me preface by saying, whilst I love musicals, I had never considered myself a singer that could sing musicals.

How had I found this unique opportunity?

A few years prior, I had attended an open call for Disney’s “The Lion King”. I managed to progress through to final callbacks.

I didn’t get the gig, but the casting directors remembered me. When they were next in town auditioning, they asked to see me for this new role. 

Now, as you may know, those two musicals are VERY different! The song I had to sing for the Mary Poppins audition put me very much outside my comfort zone.

Mainly due to one part of the song that took me into a voice quality I did not have control of.

The lighter tonalities in my voice at that time had not been nurtured. However, if you needed me to holler or belt, I was all in!

Still, I practiced and practiced AND PRACTICED the song.

Every time I got to this one challenging part, I just could not work out how to access the sound. I either stopped singing altogether or my voice broke like a teenage boy.

I was sooo scared to even attempt that part. It made me feel physically ill.

But, the audition was scheduled and I needed to do it.

So the day came and I jumped into my car, anxiously heading towards the city.

I was imagining my failed attempts. The stares of disapproval from the audition panel as I couldn’t complete the song or my voice made wild sounds.

Every moment I got closer to the audition venue, I felt more and more sick. The anxiety was overwhelming. 

It all became too much!

As I made my approach to my destination, the nerves took over and instead of pulling over to park, I just kept driving…

All the way home and skipped the audition!

At that time of my life, I really wanted to diversify into musicals and this was a chance to do that.

I got home and cried my eyes out.

Why could I not sing that one tiny part of the song? 

And it was at that moment, that I decided I NEVER wanted to feel powerless over my vocal ability.

I wanted to know how to troubleshoot any singing challenge.

I would never feel that way or miss another opportunity again.

So I decided to study singing and began a lifelong journey of developing my voice.

The path wasn’t (and isn’t) always easy, but now I have the tools to troubleshoot any issue.

I call these tools my Singers Technique Toolkit, and it’s also what my online course is called. And it’s open for enrolment right now.

In the past ten years through my vocal coaching, I’ve taught hundreds of singers how to build their own Singers Technique Toolkit. To feel confident that they could sing or tell any story they wanted, in their own unique way.

I want you to have the tools to sing the way you hear your voice in your head. With power, stamina and confidence.

Take a moment to think about how it would feel to not shy away from reaching higher notes, in fear of singing the wrong note or having a voice crack.

To not hold yourself back because of self doubt or performance anxiety.

Imagine you knew how to get the best out of your voice every time you were singing.

So, I am excited to invite you into my Singers Technique Toolkit online course

This course is the culmination of over 30 years of performing, study and vocal coaching, and I can’t wait to share it with you. I truly believe that it can make a difference in your singing, as it has for so many other singers.

The doors are open until Wednesday the 1st of March at 9am NZT.

You can find all the details right here.

If you have any questions at all, comment below, I’d love to answer them.


P.S. A happy side note!

I did end up getting to work with/for Disney! In my dream role as a vocal coach for the voice artists on Frozen Reo Maori in 2022!

Listen to the amazing Awhimai Fraser pull together 6 weeks of intensive vocal coaching to deliver this incredible performance.

At the bottom of a blog post about the moment that changed my singing journey there's banner with a picture of a laptop, with a woman holding her throat. The text says, "Are you ready to reach your singing goals but you're not sure where to start or what your next steps are? You need a customised roadmap to see the improvements you want for your voice. Find out your with my 60 second quiz" There is a button that says "Click here to take the quiz"

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