The aim of the Spotlight Series is to highlight artists who are not only at the forefront of their craft vocally or musically but also have a firm grasp on an area of artist development.

I want to celebrate these creatives & share their insight on being artistic & balancing life & business both in & out of music.

Previously a blog highlighting singers I loved & featuring their vocal nuances, I decided to up the ante & actually speak to artists (some of whom I shared with you last year) about their journey & who THEY are inspired by.

I also wanted to include industry influencers to get a wider musical perspective to learn from & share with you.

This will be a monthly feature & I have some fab singers, industry heads & artists in all areas of music lined up.

January was Artist Development month & February is focussing on Vocal Technique so my first guest was the perfect artist to bridge both months & kick off the interview series.

Introducing Alayna Powley. Amazing Singer & Songwriter on the path to real success as an artist purely because she knows who she is and what she wants. That really is the first step to any form of success.

Grab a cuppa, get comfy &  watch us chat artist development, vocal technique & Sam Smith!

Follow Alayna’s ascent to stardom (trust me – you really should) & check out her music via her platforms below:








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P.S. February is Vocal Technique month – if you want to raise the bar in your singing grab the Savvy Singers Resource Guide & get into the Singing 101 Training Series!

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