To kickstart a vocal recharge and reset, let’s begin with a few prep steps.

I want to offer you three habits that will help improve confidence in your singing.

Vocal Recharge and Reset Prep Steps

  1. Owning your singer identity
  2. Making time for crafting
  3. Find a place to practice

Updated 18th June 2022

1. Owning Your Singer Identity

The first vocal recharge and reset prep step is start positively acknowledging the fact that you are a singer and singing is something you want to focus on.

When you feel stressed about what you should be doing to get better as a singer and you’re not confident in your ability, this is the singular habit that will keep you coming back to practice and to continue to create performance opportunities.

In your mind, if you are already a singer, then you are going to act how a singer would act. 

Your mantra is going to be something along the lines of “I am a singer and I am constantly working on developing my voice!”

You don’t need to stand in front of the mirror chanting this out loud, however, the more bold you are in owning the statement and your singer identity, the more you will believe it and act into it.

I got a tonne of helpful strategies on defining identity as the outcome you want, from reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. You can find it on Audible as well if your prefer to listen.

I highly recommend this if owning your singer identity is something you struggle with.

2. Make Time For Crafting

Next up on the vocal recharge and reset prep steps checklist, I need you to make time for crafting and practice.

The amount of time is up to you and it’s based very individually on where you’re at in your vocal development. 

If you’re starting out, vocalising for 15 minutes is fine. You can build up to 60 minutes or however long you need based on what you’re working towards. 

The key is to use a clear and effective practice plan.

The goal is to be consistent. Be consistent with your identity, in creating space and time to practice singing and you will see massive improvements very quickly.

3. Find a Place To Practice

You need an area to practice in or to focus on your music. 

And sometimes it’s hard, however it’s not impossible to find or make space. You can try to practice in your car, whilst walking in a park, in the shower or bathroom!

Just change the way you think about where you can practice and the spaces that you can make sound in.

If you have flatmates, have a conversation with them so they know that you’re serious about your music. Explain to them that for one hour a day, you’re going to make a little bit of sound.

As weird as that might feel, you need to create that physical space so that you have opportunity to practice. Focused practice is what’s going to shift the dial. 

If you really can’t make any sound, try watching a documentary about singers or read an autobiography. 

Vocal Recharge and Reset Prep Steps

Do you struggle with any of these prep step habits? If so, which ones? And why do you think that is?

Or maybe you have some tips you can add to implement any of these tips?

Comment below if you need help or have a question or suggestion.


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