As a vocal coach to emerging artists, “Can anyone sing?” is a question I get asked often by those who aren’t in the professional music game.

Regardless of whether you are singing for fun in the shower, learning a song for a one off special occasion or you are performing regularly, the fundamentals of singing are the same. 

So…can anyone sing?

The answer is yes! 

The first step is to believe that you are (or can be) a singer!

Next, you want to be sure you have a healthy instrument and understand what you need to strengthen and focus on.

It is also very important to know what you like about your voice.

Lastly, you want to learn how to safely and efficiently use your voice and which habits and practices to focus on.

Watch the video to learn how to: 

Singing is an awesome form of expression that brings others joy. The goal is for you to use it to bring you joy also!

You don’t need to be performing to thousands of people to have a reason to focus on technique, practices and daily vocal care habits that help to strengthen your voice and make you a better singer.

Challenge yourself to learn a new song each month. After that, practice it until you could sing it confidently in your sleep!

If you feel you need a little help, reach out to me for a video performance review or find a vocal coach in your area.

Comment below if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them for you!


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