A video performance review is one of the most effective coaching tools to use for singers wanting to deliver outstanding performances.

What is a video performance review?

Video performance reviews regularly get the highest praise! It’s often used by touring singers when they may need last-minute focussed coaching on a particular song.

It is also a great complementary tool for in-person sessions once the fundamental techniques have been covered.

In saying that, I have clients that have never had an in-person technique session with me & only use the video performance reviews.

How does a video performance review work?

Ok, enough raving about the technique, let me show you how it works.

The subject I am giving feedback to is…ME!!

When I was studying voice at Berklee Online, to submit my assignments I would I send my lecturer audio or video of a song.

The first year, my lecturer would critique with written notes.

In the second-year, my lecturer gave audio-recorded feedback. I could hear myself in the background. She would give feedback by stopping the song & directing her comments to specific sections or elements of my singing.

This was so nerve-wracking at first but AMAZING as I could go back & listen to her plus practice whenever I wanted.

I decided to take it to the next level by adding video & started using this technique with my students.

I encourage my own students to do regular song study & video performance reviews especially if they have a song they find a bit tricky.

Want to try a video performance review?

If you would like some help with a song you are working on, you can book one right here  

You can also schedule a time to chat with me if you are interested in trying it out & I can give you all the details! 

There is also more info on my FAQ’s page.

Tell me what you think about this tool. I am a huge fan of online learning. It can be self-paced, you can do it from anywhere, at any time & you have the resources available to you to review & practice.

If you have any questions, shout out! 

I look forward to seeing your comments AND your singing vids!

Cherie x

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