Every week I shine a spotlight on singers that I’m listening to or have inspired me. Here are this months artists:

Anna Coddington – It’s pretty cool when you’ve met, let alone worked with an artist/vocalist that you rate & are in awe of vocally & as a musician/songwriter, so it’s especially amazing that I am able to say that todays singer in my spotlight is all of the above. The extremely talented, clever & very cool to know – Anna Coddington. I have so many good things to say about her it verges on embarrassing! She’s been a partner in crime on Sola Rosa gigs, I’ve done BVs for her latest album AND she just released an amazing single this week that she even did the video for HERSELF all whilst giving birth – well almost – you get the idea – she’s gangsta & I think she’s awesome! Check out “Lantern” her latest single (did I mention she’s the ambassador for Trilogy, a vegetarian & has a black belt?). Her back catalogue is ab fab too – my fave – Bird in Hand… take a weekend & check it all out.

Rachel Price – Lake Street Dive – I’m sure that in the past I’ve raved about how awesome this band are (my favourite!) & how amazing Rachel is as a singer. The richness of her voice, the control throughout her range & ease with which she delivers an emotionally intense performance, gets me every time. I was lucky enough to catch them live at last years Auckland Arts Festival after following them on YouTube for years. This is my fave song, I hope you LOVE it too, check out their EPs/albums as well!

Leon Bridges – I have been vibing on Leon Bridges since I had to do a cover of one his songs for a client a while back. WOW – talk about an authentic, storytelling master of his craft. Check out his song – River & read about him on his website as well. ENJOY!

Let me know what you think? Did it move you? If so, why? If it didn’t resonate with you I’d love to know why as well!

Feel free to share any artists that you’re into right now or in general – I love being put onto new music!

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