Every week I shine a spotlight on singers that I’m listening to or have inspired me. Here are this months artists:

Minnie Ripperton – was a ground breaking vocalist due to her multi-octave classically trained operatic range & her ability to utilise that style (whistle tone) tastefully in a contemporary way. Her lyrical content was seen to be riske in nature for the time, as she expressed thoughts on intimacy in an interesting way, enhanced by her unique delivery which came across very sexual even though it wasn’t necessarily intended that way. An angelic voice with amazing control & sublime phrasing. This is one of my favourite songs of hers. Enjoy & check out her other songs if you haven’t already!

Rikki Morris – Recently I had a dream gig. Working with the likes of Harry Lyon (Hello Sailor), Tony Waine (Narcs), Mark Steven (Ardijah), Rick Ball (Hello Sailor) & the unbelievable Rikki Morris who is this weeks singer in my spotlight. I got to do bvs for Rikki a million years ago (I was fan girling HARD!) & have been lucky enough to have had him mix sound for me in Sola Rosa (he’s an AMAZING sound tech), sing along side him in sessions (where I spent most of my time in awe) & have him produce vocal sessions in recent years. What I LOVE about his voice is his insane range & out of this world control of his lightest vocal co-ordination or his top notes (aka falsetto/head voice). He is also powerful, dynamic, diverse & an extremely creative & musical singer. An outstanding songwriter to boot & this has to be one of mine & my husbands favourite kiwi songs. His peers have acknowledge him with a Silver Scroll plus he’s an all round (really, really) nice guy. There’s “Nobody Else” like him….(he’ll appreciate that Dad joke!)

Harry Nilsson – (1941-1994) Yet another discovery whilst studying Pop/Rock vocal styles this year. A next level talented songwriter & vocalist. When Paul McCartney names you as his favourite group & you are a one man band, that says a lot on MANY levels. His multi-octave range, breath control, effortless transitions through his voice combined with insane phrasing & improvisation skills makes listening to this artist an absolute treat. Possibly best known for “Everybody’s Talking”, “Coconut” & “Without You” but “I’ll Never Leave You’ is my fave as it’s epic landscape of lushness is a wonderful backdrop for his sublime voice.


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