Can you believe that there are just 88 days left until the new year?

How has the year tracked for you so far?

Are you feeling anxious because you’re not even close to hitting your singing goals for the year? Or are you excited because you have been smashing your goals in 2016? Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle.

No matter where you are, there are still 88 days to get going and end the year on a high!

And on that note, I need your help…

In the final 88 days of the year, I want to create amazing content and trainings that will blow you away & help you keep moving forward in a big way. Before I finalise my plan, I need your help…

Can you take a few minutes to answer 3 quick questions for me here:

Your feedback is really important to me and I appreciate you taking the time to share your answers & thoughts with me.

Let’s go big for these last 88 days!

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P.S. I even recorded an original song with this very title. Listen here while you share your thoughts – I reckon you might even get through it before the song ends!

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