After years of singing professionally, I have three essential singing practice tools I use EVERY TIME I prepare for performances.

Each week in October I have gone live on Saturday mornings to spotlight how to create an effective practice plan to develop your singing and performance confidence. 

Today we focus on tools you can use in your practice. 

Singing Practice Tools #1 Practice Plan/Vocal Journal

You can grab the Practice plan template from the video here:

Singing Practice Tools #2 – Vocal Workout App

The one I showed you is an iOS app called Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos…

Singing Practice Tools #3 – Phone/Computer for Videoing Your Practices

Try recording your practices for review. Just keep it simple and use your phone or computer.

Watch your practice and look for anything you’d like to improve and if you need an outside perspective, share your practice video with someone knowledgeable in singing or that you trust.

Need help? You can book a Video Performance Review with me:…

Watch the other videos Weekly Live Workshops here:

Week 1: How To Create A Practice Plan

Week 2:  How To Personalise Your Practice Plan

On the 24th of October I’ll put it all together in a Practice Plan Masterclass.

It’s a 90 minute coaching with Q & A on how to develop your practice plan including how to warm up, work out and warm down your voice.

Register for the upcoming Practice Plan Masterclass here:

Extra resources mentioned in this weekly live workshop:

  • Vocal Range Assessment – Knowing your vocal range gives you a better understanding or awareness of your instrument, where your voice is strongest and what areas you might like to strengthen.

I can help you find yours here:

Share in the comments what your goals are for your voice as well as when you plan to practice and keep track of those practices!

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