The secret to kickstarting your career as an artist in 2017 revolves around two words. 

1. HOW

2. WHY

How do you build a successful career AUTHENTICALLY in the modern music biz?

Believe you can, make a plan & action it. Too easy right? The tricky part is the details & nuances that each of those steps involve so it’s easy to get overwhelmed & lose your way. 

Even more important is the “WHY”. This helps keep you focussed & draws you back in at your toughest moments!

Speaking of which, I think it’s pretty fair to say that 2016 has been TOUGH on many levels.

Losses of icons in the music world, gaining less than ideal (understatement!) political leaders & a whole lot of general displacement of people & even the earth!

It’s encouraging individuals to rise up & make a difference where they can. Joining forces to create strength & positivity as humans, as a society & even in the way we share joy.

Enter you as a musician & artist.

Whether you write music or sing covers, it’s always been the responsibility of the troubadour to bring the ‘feels’ to the people.

Lift up spirits through entertainment, laughter, story telling. Sharing these feelings through music is a great way of doing that! That alone is a GREAT “WHY”.

Here reality hits us upside the head again. There are so many ways to get your music into the world these days. The path is littered with decisions to be made & new platforms to navigate.

Enter the “HOW?” dilemma. I’ve noticed this working with artists over the last few years. A lack of clarity, direction & a road map or GPS to their authentic path to creative discovery of their signature sound, ideal (highly engaged aka obsessed!) audience & therefore success.

Whether that means peer & industry recognition or simply a reliable music arts generated income stream to help them live comfortably while they continue creating.

Hit the ground running in 2017!

Knowing that all of this is possible, that you possess the creative control to do it & that you will be doing your part to spread your unique message to the world & create a positive effect.

The first step every artist needs to take to kickstart this journey is simple in theory yet requires focus, fearlessness & insight.

Figure out your “WHY” & make it tangible with actionable steps. That then becomes your “HOW”

I want you to have the tool that will change EVERYTHING for you if you want to move your career forward & achieve success – whatever that looks like to you.

Your secret weapon: My Creative Action Plan

I’d like to guide you through it, help you with the tough task of defining the steps you need to hone in on to move the dial & you will reap massive rewards if clarity, direction & authenticity is what you are after.

I’ll be hosting a workshop on Monday 5th December at 1pm (NZDT) to take you through the planning tool. 

Click here to register for details & access link plus you’ll receive the Creative Action Plan to get started with.

Let me help you find the the right questions to ask yourself to get to the core answers you need to make a plan for yourself as an artist that will impact your life as a creative & the world, cos we really need you to make a difference by offering the world your unique style of singing or music that helps us keep getting through the day, motivates & inspires or just makes us feel good.

If you can’t make the workshop live there will be a replay. Click here to register & you’ll get access to the replay!

Looking forward to seeing you in the workshop!

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