If you could do one thing to improve your voice in every way, speaking voice mindfulness would be your vocal secret weapon!

What is speaking voice mindfulness?

It’s the understanding that the same mechanism that you sing with, you speak with as well. We generally speak a lot more than we sing each day.

So it is a great idea to focus on techniques that preserve and nurture our speaking voices. Just as much as we do our singing voices.

Be mindful of your speaking voice by avoiding:

  • Loud talking (especially in bars or over loud music)
  • Extreme use ie: laughing very loudly or shouting

Watch my video to learn how to be mindful of your speaking voice plus develop your tone and vocal range!

YOUR vocal secret weapon?

Do you need to strengthen a particular area of your voice? To balance your tone or extend your vocal range?

I’d love you to try out these techniques and let me know how your voice feels.

Give yourself a month to try speaking voice mindfulness.

If you already use speaking voice mindfulness as a technique, share your tips below.

For the ultimate daily vocal care habits, add in Sirens & Singers Stretches.

You will notice improvements super fast

Pop a comment below if you have any questions about speaking voice mindfulness.


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