Whether you are into this Hallmark holiday or not, I’m going to use Valentines Day as a timely reminder to LOVE your voice.

How to love your voice

There are three ways you can show your voice you love it.

1. Treat your voice with kindness

Learn to listen to your voice, how to look after it and what to do if you have any voice issues.

See a vocal coach if you want a singer’s technique toolkit that supports, nurtures and offers you options on how to develop your voice.

Check out what happens in my vocal coaching sessions.

2. Learn to love YOUR unique sound

Have you ever wanted to be able to sing a higher note, hold it longer and with a particular tone that you feel you can’t do or to make a sound more like someone else?

We often compare ourselves to other singers.

Understanding who are you as a singer and embracing your unique sonic identity or signature sound is a crucial first step in crafting and making your voice the best it can be.

When I start a coaching session, I ask my singers to complete an artist questionnaire.

I asked the singers to share what they wanted to improve and what they loved about their voices.

I would get a long list of weaknesses and very few strengths if any!

Work out where you are at, where you want to go and WHY.

Do you want to sound like someone else or do you want to build your voice and shape your distinctive sound?

Next time you are practicing or performing, record yourself singing and watch back with a goal to say three things you loved about your voice and three things you’d like to improve upon.

This solidifies what you are doing well. It also spotlights what to work on in your next practice session or with your vocal coach.

3. Act like a pro

A lot of singers I work with are doing well in the music industry and chose to see me to continue their vocal development.

They work their butts off to stay gig fit and be the best singer they can be.

You need to adopt the identity of a professional singer and act like you are one.

I’ve heard the saying “fake it til you make it” which holds substance if you remove any negative inauthentic weight from it.

I prefer to think about how I would be acting if I was touring the world performing 300 shows a year.

It is the exact analogy I use when I coach artists. I’m getting them ready for 300 shows a year, where they enjoy every minute they are on stage.

They are confident, prepared, and their voice is on fire. There are no concerns about hitting notes or their voices not holding up for the duration of the tour or worse, a single performance.

Ask yourself, to get to that level of confidence in my vocal ability, should I be in the throes of a Netflix Binge or scrolling Facebook (no judgment!) or should I be practicing and workshopping or writing songs?

Want to sing like Beyonce? Then you need to be practising 3 hours a day, five days a week, as that’s how she got so good.

All the great singers we admire, worked hard to craft their signature sound and amazing voices.

Every. Damn. Day.

That may mean you miss going partying every now and then.

I promise your voice will LOVE you for it.

How to spoil your voice on Valentine’s Day (and every day!)

1. Sirens – the gift that keeps on giving

2. Singer’s Stretches – ALL the muscles get something now!

3. Speaking Voice Mindfulness – be mindful when you talk because it’s the same mechanism you use when you sing.

4. Vocal Rest – been talking or singing for an extended period? Rest your voice for 20 mins. Siren to wake it up again and reverse Siren (only top to bottom) if it needs a little extra TLC or a cool down.

5. Find a vocal coach or online singing course and learn some new vocal techniques to help improve your singing.

Can you do these things for your voice this Valentine’s Day?

Go ahead and make your voice your Valentine.

Share how you plan to pamper your voice, please!

And let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Voice Valentines Day!

Cherie ❤️

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