Like your body, your voice needs a bit of time and a stretch to fully function in the morning after sleeping. Learn how to wake up your voice with a Siren.

UPDATED 6th August 2018

Vocal wake-up exercises for singing and speaking stretch and enlivening the muscles/tissue responsible for breathing, alignment, and vocal production to optimise coordination and range of motion.

This blog is more of a vlog post as it’s best to see this technique/tip in action!

How to wake up your voice – Siren!

Watch the vid & get your Sirens happening, in the morning or anytime you need to wake up your voice & clear out the vocal cobwebs.

When should you Siren?

  • After taking a long period of vocal rest like sleep or just being silent after not speaking all day at work or school to wake up your voice
  • If you do a LOT of talking every day. Adding a siren after taking a period of vocal rest of 20 mins or so will allow any swelling to reduce.
  • After singing as a cool down. If you have been singing higher than your speaking range, you can reverse the Siren going top to bottom only to bring your voice back to a speaking level.

Who should Siren?

  • Teachers
  • Frontline & service personnel
  • Singers
  • EVERYONE that speaks!!

TIP: If you only have 30 seconds to warm up before singing, the Siren is your saviour.

Go ahead and try it. Ideally, wake up your voice with three Sirens in a row every morning for a week and let me know how your voice is feeling.

The Siren helps you to blend through your co-ordinations/registrations, strengthening them AND can also extend your range through the gentle use of those high and low vocal extremes.

To see these results, you would need to continue using your Sirens daily for a longer period of time. Start with a month & go from there!

You can design a daily ritual to make sure your voice is nurtured by adding in a full-body stretch, some meditation and a compulsory glass of water as soon as you wake.

Need more ideas? Check out my post on Developing Good Rituals

Any thoughts or questions, just pop them below.

Happy Sirening!

Cherie x

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