If you are not sure of what you should focus on to develop your singing voice, I am here to help!

From how to look after your voice, to planning effective practices. As well as polishing your songs in preparation for performances, there is a lot to consider.

The question is, what should you focus on to develop your singing voice FIRST?

Ideally this would be based on what you are working towards and where you are on your vocal development journey.

I am hosting a FREE “4 Must Ask Questions For Developing Your Voice” masterclass, where I will ask you key questions to determine what stage you are at plus show you exactly what to focus on and create a personalised roadmap of what steps you need to take.

The Artist Questionnaire

Before I begin working with a singer, I ask them to complete my artist questionnaire. This is an IN-DEPTH deep dive into every element of what the singer wants to work on.

It also gives me very specific insights into their vocal health, overall wellbeing and current creative and lifestyle habits or practices.

To help you in the masterclass, I’ll be borrowing from my questionnaire and will share four super specific questions to ask yourself, so we can get focussed on where to start and how to personalise your practices.

This is an essential first step to help quickly and effectively boost confidence in your vocal ability.

Join me in the upcoming masterclass by selecting the date that suits you and save your spot here: https://www.bignotesgetvotes.com/quiz-masterclass

If you have any questions or want to share where you are on your vocal development journey, please comment below.

Hope to see you in the masterclass.


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