Today I am taking you behind the scenes on tour with a professional singer – me!

I hope I’m not alone in being obsessed to see what goes on when professional singers are on tour, especially before and after the gig!

From a vocal health preparation perspective all the way through to what gadgets and products they use for getting ready.

Well, if this is also you, then check out this video, because I am taking you behind the scenes of what I do to get ready and prepare for my gigs, specifically on my last two tours.

You’ll see rehearsals, sound checks and backstage shenanigans! 

I’m also showing you my two favourite gadgets for getting vocally and performance ready.

I’d love to know if you found it interesting to see what I preach about, in action?

Is there anything that jumped out at you as surprising or just downright crazy!?

Let me know by commenting below and if you have any questions, shout out!


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