I started my first proper business ten years ago to the day. With two vocal pals of mine, we were ready to break out from under our existing management & do things our own way. We called ourselves D.I.V.A. It stood for Deliciously Inspired Vocal Artists. We sang the national anthem at a Silver Ferns Netball Game, met the then prime minister Helen Clark after opening the Queenstown Winterfest AND sang backing vocals for a tonne of amazing artists albums as well as live (Think Jamie Cullum, Sarah Blasko, Bonnie Tyler & Leo Sayer!!)

What transpired was a whirlwind of high profile gigs, lots of fun & even more lessons learnt as the business grew! I am happy to say that even though wrapped up the company a few years ago, we are still friends & all still working hard in music!
I do talk ALOT about the business end of music as I believe it is just as important as knowing how to hit the high notes!

And on that note! The reason today is pretty special is because I relaunched my newest online offering, the 14 Day Vocal Bootcamp! It’s got it’s own home, had a little facelift & some new videos recorded. I also re-opened my vocal coaching biz last Friday with my first lesson & have bookings from new & old clients so am very excited! You can find out more about my vocal coaching here. 

I actually never intended to make the 14 Day Vocal Bootcamp a paid programme as it started as a free challenge but the content was really good (if I do say so myself!) & led me to have it as an offering that people could take quickly to refresh or start out singing with the fundamentals in a very holistic way. Covering singing techniques, nurturing creativity & boosting confidence. And that is what singing is really all about. Boosting your confidence so you can find vocal freedom or vocal independence if you will!

I thought I would share one of the tutorial videos with you so you can take a peak behind the scenes.

This is Day 12 – Boosting your confidence.

This video reiterates how important feeling good about yourself is when it comes to singing. Your instrument  is housed in your body so if you have any self doubt, tension or stress, it will absolutely show up in your singing & speaking voice. Check out the new home page to see all the topics covered over the 14 days www.14dayvocalbootcamp.com

So as I celebrate my independence in business & vocal freedom through throwing myself into learning about my craft in recent years, as always I hope you find the same for yourself & if I can help, well that’s even better!

Let me know what you need to feel confident about your singing & I’ll do my best to throw up a tutorial for you.

Happy 4th of July my American friends & happy singing to you all.

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