Ever since I was a young girl I felt like an outsider. I was longing to define myself & find my self worth. As I found out later in life, so was everyone else! When you’re a kid, & even into your twenties, you can feel alone on this path. I was average at everything I attempted & I’m not saying that’s a bad thing – it was actually pretty good. I could try my hand at most things & manage but I never really found my groove.

Until I started singing. Being on stage gave me a sense of purpose that I didn’t fully understand until recent years. It made me feel special & it wasn’t for the reasons you may think. It wasn’t about having people staring at me, or being the centre of attention cos I actually am quite awkward & feel anxious when I’m out & about in social situations (unless I’ve had a few drinks – probably the reason I drank way too much when I was younger!), but give me a stage to sing on & I’m right at home even in front of thousands of people.
What on earth is that all about? After studying & spending more time focusing on my craft I now know.
I feel connected to the world through music & purposeful in my job as the conduit that delivers the story & attached emotions. Whether it’s a song about love lost, love found or just having a good time – a song is a conversation that I invite you to take part in by singing to you. We all can relate to these feelings & so it connects us. We feel a part of something. We all have voices as well so it’s the speech element of singing that makes us hone into the lead vocalist unless you are an instrumentalist in which case you’ll no doubt be vibing on whatever your favoured instrument is! There are also a tonne of primal & physiological reasons we love & NEED to sing, especially with others.
I feel so compelled to share through my singing & songwriting but also as a vocal coach. If I can help you feel a sense of connection & confidence in yourself through YOUR singing, then that is the best thing ever! Helping you feel connected to yourself & others (your audience/family) plus feel as good about yourself as I do when I’m singing is massive & that is why I hound you all with my tales, tips & thoughts about singing.
I watched this unbelievably inspirational Ted Talk that got me thinking about why I want I want to be a leader in my field starting with my Big Notes Get Votes community, & it’s all because of belief. How strongly I believe that singing is the best thing in life for boosting your confidence & connecting you with other like minded people.

I hope you all want to feel good & communicate with the world creatively through song. I’m here to help. If being adored by millions of fans is your bag, well that just ends up being an added bonus! Watch the Ted Talk & find your “why”, if you don’t already know… I would love to hear all about it. Email me or comment below.

So with more purpose than ever, I say happy singing to you.

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P.S. I’m starting one on one singing lessons/sessions again from the 1st of July if you want to join me in boosting your confidence in your singing & your self! Click here for all the info.


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