I recently asked my Big Notes Get Votes family to put their thoughts/wants/desires into a Singing Survey so I could create the content that, well YOU want!

I got some amazing insights & as always, what I think you want more info on is not necessarily want you want to know about!

The singing journey is a life long one so it’s good to cover all topics relevant to keeping your voice in good shape & to stay balanced as a vocalist & creative.

Some key areas that you want me to focus giving tips on over the next three months:

  1. Improving studio singing or recording your vocals (72%)  – this actually surprised me a little! I’m so pleased that you are out there recording at home or in a studio! Covers or originals – it doesn’t matter – with the internet, you can pop up a vid of yourself singing & it does pay to have it looking & sounding as slick as possible & it’s actually really easy. I’ll need to do a couple posts on this!
  2. Developing yourself as an artist (63%)
  3. Developing your signature sound (63%)
  4. Improving breath management (63%)
  5. Improving vocal tone (63%)
  6. Improving pitch (54%)
  7. Improving range (54%)
  8. Learning to look after your voice (54%)
  9. Improving vocal flexibility and agility (54%)
  10. Improving performance confidence (45%)
  11. Improving diction (36%)
  12. Improving vocal power/strength (36%)
  13. Improving vocal stamina (27%)
  14. Understanding & utilising different vocal styles ie; jazz/pop/RnB (27%)

You make time for singing practice

46% of you said that you could make time to do four days a week of practice and a massive 31% said daily practice was doable!

You are a passionate bunch!

Out of all the people that answered, the majority, 40% sing daily, 30% catch themselves singing from time to time and 24% of you said you saying every minute of the day!

It’s fair to say you are using your voice lots whether it’s at a structured weekly event – 2% of you are gigging regularly or just through not being able to control yourself!

What that tells me is you are vocally working it out! Remember to wake your voice up daily (check out my “how to Wake up your voice – Siren” vid). It’s good for speaking & singing so add that to your morning routine today!

You also told me that you sing mostly in the car (45%) (bring on the caraoke!) around the house (24%) and some of you make time to put on music to sing to at home (17%).

Some even have a dedicated practice spaces! (5%).

The bottom line is, you are singing pretty much all the time and everywhere! (only a small percentage 1% said they don’t sing or have nowhere to sing)

This survey gave me great insight into what your thoughts are about your voice and developing your singing abilities. I’m looking forward to delving into each of these topics over the next three months in the blog and they will all have accompanying tutorials so stay posted!

Btw, As the number one topic was studio singing, here is a little vid of me singing one of my fave songs with my musical partner in crime Paul Voight (in his studio) as we were recording some demos for our new Platinum promo kit. I’ll give you my studio singing specific tips next week! BTW – One take may I add!

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