This year, I’m super excited to focus on ways of creating our own unique path to success as an artist by “discovering” ourselves & being proactive in getting our music to the world using smart strategies plus being READY when opportunity arises.

Essentially, it’s called Artist Development & back in the day, labels would ‘assist’ in getting an artist ‘performance & promo ready’. Aside from the fact that there is less label support these days & more independent music platforms, you can also do this yourself!

Thinking outside the box when crafting, planning & promoting yourself & your music is the way forward.

I have created a free Artist Development Blueprint 7 Day Mini Course to help you kickstart or further this process!

Sign up for the course here & let’s get going!

There’s also the replay of my Artist Development Blueprint Workshop that aired on the 21st of January.

Sign up here to get access & your Artist Development Blueprint Checklist.

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