Keeping balanced in life is pretty important. Finding time to nurture our mind & body plus maintaining all the other areas, work, family & social can be super tricky.
Trying to switch off at the end of a huge day can be hard work let alone setting aside time to nurture or develop your singing craft.
When we do manage to steal away to practice, we have to be able to change the channel from Mum, wife, executive & teacher to singer pretty quickly.

To aid in this transition we can use a couple of key techniques that are good for us both in singing & the day to day.
These are my go to’s.

1. Shake it off! Just let it all hang out, relax with some deep breaths & letting it all shake off.

See what I mean here:
Mental Focus & Relaxation

I also mention guided meditation in this video. You can find loads on iTunes or Google Play.

This is my favourite…

2. Add some stretches to release any tension in your body. Here is a video demonstrating my singers stretches. As always, be gentle with your body & hold each one for at least 10 seconds.

Singers Stretches Tutorial Video

3. Check your posture – here’s how

Once you have relaxed, stretched & aligned your body, you are ready to tackle some good breathing exercises, warm ups & general practice schedule (check out some of my other blog posts for what to cover when you practice)

It seems so simple but we often miss these crucial steps before taking on anything that requires mental focus and a relaxed & mindful approach to the task at hand.

If you have specific stretches or relaxation tips you swear by I’d love to hear them. Flick me an email, leave a comment below or on the

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Happy relaxing & focussing!

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