Hello! My name is Cherie Mathieson. I’m a professional singer, vocal coach, student, mother & wife. I am crazy….about singing.

I’m even crazier about vocal coaching & I strongly believe that everyone can sing.

The secret is to make singing easy, safe & fun everyday whether you are a professional singer honing your skills or a beginner that wants to start out right cos singing correctly is HARD work!

The goal is to always sing smarter & definitely NOT harder!

I am infatuated with the likes of Sam Smith, Jessie J, Bruno Mars & Beyonce who utilise amazing technique to effortlessly hit the big notes that get the votes of audiences making the crowd go wild every time.

I created this blog to share in my journey as I search for the tricks, tips, hacks & inspiration to enjoy singing everyday, own the big notes whilst discovering my voice along the way!

You can experience this for yourself too, join me for the ride!

C xx

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    4 replies to "Big Notes Get Votes blog!"

    • Ngapera Riley

      Where has this blog been all my life!? Would love to get your updates sweet, I adore you!!

      Siiiing! Xx

      • admin

        Awwww thanks mate! Let me know if there’s anything you want me to research on your behalf! Pop your details into the weekly singing tips email box as well when you get a sec xxx

    • Carla Flavell

      This is so cool, you go girl!!! …… I am soo desperate to learn how to Mariah whistle hahaha so TIPSSSS please lol xxxx

      • admin

        You’re on!! Was just watching your pop performance vid today! Awesome stuff! I am jotting down a note to tackle a whistle tone blog post JUST for you!! xxxxx

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