This year I’m celebrating Creative Independence Day!

Last year I wrote a post about gaining (vocal) independence in the music biz by starting my first business with two amazing ladies (an entertainment company that managed our covers singing group) on this very day now 11 years ago.

The massive highs & epic fails I learnt so much from, I took on board when developing my 2nd business 2 years ago – vocal coaching, online & in person.

This year my business has morphed into being more artist development focused.

I’ve discovered a new level of independence from knowing my “why” and allowing that to lead me from a creative perspective by further studying the modern music business.

I carved out own creative career path. I work hours I want, say yes or no to projects & clients comfortably & am am most happy when I am sharing what I’ve learnt with others!

Now helping others to find their own “why” & their own unique path to creative independence is my primary goal.

It’s great to use a day that is the symbolism for independence, (even if it is for a country on the other side of the world) as a reminder to acknowledge your wins & your “why”.

If you need help figuring out your “why” & unique creative path (I did!!), I’m sharing with you the steps that I used to help design my ideal creative life aka creative independence through a new mini-course I’ve created called the Artist Development Blueprint 7 day minicourse, and it’s FREE.

It covers the essential seven steps (delivered daily via a short video & resource) to help you navigate this new modern music business and offers tools to be free to create in the way that you want, simply by knowing what you want!

Cue the fireworks & champagne, today marks the start of YOUR creative independence!

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