I told myself at around 37 that I would retire from singing covers once I hit forty. The reasons were all vanity related of course. I didn’t want to be mutton dressed as lamb or in singing speak, an old lady singing young people music. The big 4-0 happened for me a few months ago & I am STILL doing covers gigs & actually delivering the songs better than my younger self would have. Five key revelations changed my mind.
  1. I let go of my insecurities that held back my younger self & finally grasped the concept that me & my voice are unique & there is space for me & everyone AS IS in the business & this world.
  2. I realised that like a fine wine, women get better with age vocally amongst other things! Along with that, no matter what I ‘look’ like – fat, thin, old, young, won’t make me successful & definitely won’t make people love me more if I don’t rate myself & have the mental goods to back myself up!
  3. I started studying voice & improved my technique, range & emotional connection for performance & passion for music in general.
  4. I learnt planning & consistency in delivery (whatever that is – vocal practice, study etc) is what shifts the dial in ANY pursuit.
  5. It makes me AND other people (punters) really happy to be doing what I love
I found myself reflecting, wondering why no-one had ever pulled me aside to tell me these things. Accept & trust yourself but study your craft/passion & learn everything you can so you can deliver consistently with conviction backed by the knowledge that you are striving towards a LONG end goal or journey towards mastering your craft.
The crazy thing is, many people did. I just didn’t want to listen & thought I had all the time in the world so I prioritised socialising which is what most 20 year olds do I guess.
The kicker is, depending on what you want out of your singing your career, now days you can ‘make it’ (whatever that is) at any age but the pop music industry does certainly favour the young HOWEVER that has been changing over the past 20 years! Sia & Sheryl Crowe are just two examples. Music lovers are ALL ages & want to be represented in the market also.
My point is, I want to reiterate that you can do & be whatever you want at any age. The requirements are the same, you just make it a little bit harder for yourself the longer you leave it. This applies to EVERYTHING in life. Kiwisaver, saving/finances in general, valuing & nurturing ALL your relationships (especially the one you have with yourself!), getting rid of ones that are holding you back from being amazing, building a life that you love, filled with your creative passions….
The list goes on & I know you understand what I am saying.
It all starts with having goals plus a smart plan & trusting that regardless of what anyone around you says, if you have accepted & taken on board my five life lessons, you are on the right track.
I’d love to hear what your goals are or the blocks that are stopping you, share in the Facebook group or comment below.
I’m in for nothing less than world domination. Won’t don’t you join me & start TODAY!
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