Big Notes Get Votes is a mantra, mindset, movement & approach for all things in singing & life.

Think big, be bold in what you say & do, make solid plans, then work hard to achieve your wildest dreams!

It’s a community for passionate performers to get informed & inspired. A hub to share singing tips, vocal style tricks, industry secrets & performance coaching with a bit of productivity & career planning advice thrown in!

My dream is to help singers discover their signature sound & get clear on the path to achieving their creative dreams authentically, whether it’s stardom or a desire to sing sensationally!

I offer tools to gain more performance confidence, while sprinkling in a little time & productivity management to pull it all together.

Being a huge believer in ongoing education, I have studied at Berklee Online for the last two years specialising in voice, plus devour as many of the popular singing courses on offer to make sure I have a well rounded, relevant & up-to-date approach to singing so we can see immediate results, using the best methodologies that work, not just for you but for myself as a professional singer, songwriter & producer that's been in the industry for 20 years!

When I'm not coaching people with their eye on a Grammy or a crazy obsession with singing well, I'm passionately studying singing, gigging or laughing my butt off at Graham Norton or binge watching Gilmore Girls!

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