What was good in 2016?

For me it was…you!!!!!

I know it was a tough year on many levels so can I please say a big THANK YOU for being amazing, for all your support & helping to make 2016 pretty darn good for me.

Listening to your stories, struggles & wins has been without a doubt, the highlight & my driving force.

THANK YOU for being a part of this community! Every email reply, double tap on Insta, Like on Facebook or HEART on Twitter was received with LOVE!

Special mention to my amazing coaching clients, online course students & all who participated in my challenges, grabbed my resources & came to my online workshops.

I’m hoping you’ll continue being a part of my tribe next year but I also totally understand that it’s good to declutter your inbox from time to time!

Next week will be my last email/blog for the year. Be sure to read it as I have some awesome options for you in 2017 but you’ll need to opt-in! Cryptic, but worth the wait – I promise!

I also reviewed 2016 whilst getting my ducks in a row for next year & found these fun facts:

Blog posts written = 33

The top 3 blog posts:

  1. Daily vocal care regime
  2. How to build your vocal stamina
  3. Going pro – bio/promo/pics

For the stats fans out there:

Views of the website = 10,631! (1744 users hanging for 5:04 mins each & 52% new visitors)

Visitors were from:

  1. New Zealand
  2. U.K
  3. USA

Russia, Brazil, Austria too! What a gorgeous international bunch!

If you’re looking for some tips to sink your teeth into over the summer break, check out the free resources created in 2016*.

Better Breath Management 5 Day Video Training Series

Get Gig Fit 30 Day Challenge Resource Guide

Daily Vocal Care Checklist

Ultimate Performance Toolkit

Creative Action Plan Workbook & Workshop Replay

12 Days of ChristmaSing

(*Above links available until 31/12/16)

I’ll be tweaking the free resources page & the website in January as well so grab everything while you can as the page will be up until 31/12/16!

I’ve really enjoyed sharing my ideas & experiences on singing & the music biz & there’ll be heaps more coming at you in 2017.

Eat, drink & be safely Merry.

Happy Christmas!

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