It really warms my heart when I get positive feedback from my students about how the singing tools I use have helped  them feel more confident in their vocal ability. It’s the reason I teach & why I share all the goodness with as many people as I can via the BNGV community. I really want everyone to feel this way about their voice cos singing is awesome & makes us feel soooo good!

Today I share with you one of these tools & how I offer some technique tweaks via my Video Performance Assessments.

Check out my video demonstration here.

The subject I am giving feedback to is……..ME!!

The last two years I have been studying at Berklee Online in the winter semester. To submit assignments I would I send my lecturer audio or video of a song (pre-selected for 10 weeks & 2 of your own choosing through the semester). The first year, my lecturer would critique with written notes.

This year my lecturer gave audio recorded feedback. I could hear myself in the background & she would give feedback by stopping the song & directing her comments to specific sections or elements of my singing. This was so nerve wracking at first but AMAZING as I could go back & listen to her plus practice whenever I wanted.

I encourage my own students to do regular song study assessments (if they have a song they find a bit tricky). 

Here is a link to book in for a free chat with me if you are interested in trying it out & I can give you all the details!  There is also more info on my FAQ’s page.

Tell me what you think about this tool. I am a huge fan of online learning. It can be self paced, you can do it from anywhere, at anytime & you have the resources available to you to review & practice.

If you have any questions, shout out! I am opening my in-person vocal coaching studio in the first week of July so you can also come see me in person!

I look forward to seeing your comments AND you singing!

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