You know I love singing, if you’ve stumbled upon this site or are a regular browser, it’s no secret that the Big Notes Get Votes community & mantra via this website is my shrine to all things singing & I worship at it’s altar!

I have this crazy burning desire to share all that I’ve learnt after doing a tonne of intensive singing courses (that maybe not everybody gets a chance to access) over the past three years.

Here’s a list so you get an idea of my obsession: – Singing Lessons with Christina Aguilera (self study/online) – actually more performance/style based than technique focussed. Pretty cool to watch her in action & hear her personal stories about her singing rituals/motivations though!

Berklee Online – Pop/Rock Technique Specialist Paper (live classes/online – my lecturer was P!nk’s keyboardist/backing vocalist!)

Estill  – Voice Figures 1 & 2 (In person workshops) (next level science of singing – blew my little mind)

Berklee Online – Specialist Certificate in Voice Technique & Musicianship (live classes/online)

Massey University – Music Theory 101 (extramural) – not singing specific but I do think singers should have a basic understanding of theory! Mine is BASIC! 

Felicia Ricci – Belt Your Face Off – (self study/online) – I love her teaching style, she’s a legit musical theatre singer as well! She has a great YouTube channel & Singing Transformation online course that I HAVEN’T done – it’s on teh to-do list – she only opens it once or twice a year.

Singing Success (self study/mp3/workbooks)

Speech Level Singing (workshop)

This doesn’t include all the research I do myself as well as books/articles I read & my own self study/practice. There may even be more, I’ve probably lost track…

The thing is, what I want to learn about & what other singers want to know, may not align, so I wanted to put it out there so I can serve you better in sharing exactly what you want to know!

Some topics that I would love to delve deeper into:

  • Improving Pitch
  • Improving/Developing Tone
  • Improving Range (singing higher or lower than you do now)
  • Improving Breath Management
  • Improving Strength/Power
  • Improving Diction
  • Improving Vocal Flexibility & Agility (singing riffs/melismas/trills/vocal runs)
  • Developing Performance Confidence (using the stage, connecting with the audience or relieving performance anxiety/stage fright)
  • Developing your Signature Sound & Style
  • Developing Yourself as a professional artist
  • Improve Studio singing (recording your vocals – originals or covers/corporate ie: jingles)
  • Learning how to look after your voice
  • Learn specific singing styles (Jazz/Pop/Rock/RnB)

Let me know what you want to work on by popping your thoughts into this survey I’ve created.                               Here is the link:

The final question asks you if you want to go into a draw to win access to my online singing programmes!

– One of three memberships to my Sing Smarter Starter 4 week online singing programme including an online song study/performance assessment (value $247 each)

– One of five memberships to my 14 Day Vocal Bootcamp online singing programme (value $97 each)

You don’t have to enter the comp, you can just share your thoughts but I’d love to give you an in-depth look inside all the topics I mentioned above!

Get into it, let me know what YOU want to know & I’ll make it happen.

I want to highlight the fact that I will constantly continue to learn as the science of singing is ever changing PLUS it’s up to US to decide what works or doesn’t work through practice. The bottom line is if it hurts we should STOP! If it hurts all the time, even when you’re not singing, you really need to see a health pro like a Doctor or Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist (ENT/Laryngologist). The singing discovery process is a life long journey so we need to keep the vocal WOF (warrant of fitness) happening regularly, do vocal pit stops to check that everything is ok before we charge on!

Thanks for being awesome & as obsessed about singing as I am!

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