If you want to be a better singer and performer, you need to create performance opportunities – enter my 21-day Song Study Challenge.

Having songs to study and perform regularly, helps to strengthen your voice and confidence in your singing ability.

I would like you to challenge yourself to prepare, practice, polish, perform and post a song to YouTube or Instagram over the next 21 days!

No matter where you are on your singing development journey, gigging regularly or not at all, whether it’s your decision or out of your control, what I know for sure is that the best way to get better at singing, is to sing more!

Having a song to learn and focus on with a performance end goal in mind, keeps up practice momentum.

Maybe gigging or recording in the studio gives you something to work towards.

How do you keep your vocal chops and practices up when you’re not?

School may have motivated you to practice for exams or productions.

Perhaps your social group had you out at a karaoke bar on the regular?

For whatever reason, if these opportunities aren’t happening, I urge you to jump into my 21-Day Song Study Challenge and get your sing on!

What is a Song Study Challenge?

The goal is for you to create a performance opportunity via YouTube, Instagram or any other social platform. This is  where you can post a song that you have focussed on crafting over 21 days.

You’ll break down each aspect of learning a song and making it performance ready.

I’ve created a Song Study Checklist to show you step by step how I help my coaching clients to study a song, practice and polish it, ready to confidently perform ANYWHERE.

You can most certainly perform this live at a gig, for your family or at a house concert, but the aim is for you to have an ongoing practice focus for when these performance opportunities aren’t available to you.

Once you join the challenge, you’ll get the Song Study Checklist and I’ll send you extra singing and performance tips every few days to keep you motivated and help you across that 21-day finish line.

The Song Study Challenge kicks off on the 5th of September through to the 26th of September when the challenge completes and you have posted your song to Instagram or YouTube.

Of course you can do this anytime but I’ll be live during these dates.

If you need a little incentive, there are prizes!

Each week I will offer free coaching to anyone that would like to submit a video performance review of their song for feedback.

Each Song Study Performance Review is valued at $50!

I’ll be answering any questions you have live on my YouTube, Instagram and Facebook Page on Saturday 5th, 12th & 19th of September at 10.30am NZT.

You’ll also receive an invite to an edu-celebratory Song Study Masterclass on the 26th of September at 10.30am NZT. As a challenge participant, you will get access for free (value $27).

There’ll be more tips on offer and I’ll also offer a hot seat to anyone that would like a free singing lesson live!

Last but not least, I plan to do the Song Study Challenge along side you – cue all the behind the scenes insights, bloopers and bum notes!

I have many amazing resources to share, but you need to sign up for the challenge to receive the goods as they will be coming straight to your inbox.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you!

Any questions, comment below including any song ideas you are ready to Song Study!


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