This week’s request goes out to the lovely Loren Dickenson (née Taylor).

Loren is an amazing woman who throws the best parties for a living! She’s been giving me a chance to perform at her awesome shows for a long while now so when she requested this song, it was a pleasure to be able to sing for her. Just for FUN! That is the whole point of these vids when I starting putting out a request for requests on my Instagram page a few weeks back.

Comment below if there’s a song you would like me to sing for you. You can even get it dedicated to someone on your on behalf! You would look pretty darn cool let me tell you. #legitbrowniepoints

I hope you enjoy Loren!

February 2017 is Vocal Technique month here at Big Notes Get Votes HQ so check out my free singing resource if you want to work on developing your voice:

Savvy Singers Resource Guide – 10 Essentials tips for improving your singing.

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