PREP Steps To Develop Your Singing & Performance Ability
There are four key PREP steps to develop your singing & performance ability that you can use to prepare & to feel confident before you sing.
I like to use this acronym PREP as a template for every performance preparation.

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These are the PREP steps:

PREP Steps

P = Perspective – Attitude/Mindset

R = Relax/Release tension – Singer’s Stretches /Meditate/Mindfulness/Breath Focus

E = Exercise/Execute/Engage – In practice or performance

P = Perform/Practice/Play

You can do these P.R.E.P steps every day, in the weeks leading to a gig & right before you get on stage.

Ideally preparing for a gig will be a daily habit so that you are always gig fit & ready for any opportunity that comes your way.

Using the PREP steps acronym, let’s take a deep dive into these three areas – daily as a maintenance technique, as part of your preparation in the weeks before a gig & on the day of your performance.

Daily PREP steps:

You always want to be gig-ready or as I call it, gig fit.

This is an all year round practice however, you can have a pre-performance runway at least 30 days prior to a heavier performing workload like touring or a run of shows where you get super focussed on daily actions to strengthen. 

If you need extra help, you can use my Get Gig Fit 30 Day Action Plan

The three things I do every day are Sirens, Singers Stretches & Speaking Voice Mindfulness.

If you only have 5 mins – do this!


P = Perspective – I am doing this to keep a solid foundation for my voice. I habit stack my vocal care activities so they are automatic.

R = Relax/Release tension – How – Sirens  / Singers Stretches/ Meditate I aim to meditate & stretch every morning as soon as I ave woken. Sometimes life gets in the way & I can’t get it done first thing. I try to do it later in the day to re-centre & refocus myself. You can do these elements as many times a day as you need!

E = Engage – How – Sirens / Speaking Voice Mindfulness – I am aware of how I am using my voice & am mindful to take vocal rest, not scream or laugh too loudly as well as to use my speaking technique.

P = Practice – Back to the Speaking Voice Mindfulness! This is the BEST hack that I have learnt. Using your speaking voice to extending your singing voice ability.

Weeks leading into performance PREP steps (30-90 days)

Along with my daily habits, I focus on creating a clear practice plan specifically to extend my vocal stamina, agility & ability specific to the songs I am performing.


Use a Practice Plan that includes a Song Study Method

The further you want to take your career as a singer, the harder you need to work & the more you need to practice.

You can pre-schedule & track your practices to help stay motivated. I use my vocal journal but you can use Google docs/sheets, an app or pen & paper. 

Draw up the days of the week & schedule in & create space to jot down when, where & what you practiced. How long did you practice & how did your voice feel before & after the practice.

I ask my students to do this & send it through to me (along with videos of their practice focus points) for extra motivation & accountability.)

P = Perspective – know what you need to focus on in your practice session

R = Relax/Release tension – Sirens  / Singers Stretches / Meditate – these are consistent features of my PREP steps.

E = Exercise – Vocal warm-up, vocal workout & technique focus ie; breath management, phrasing, lyrics/diction, vocal quality, pitch

P = Practice/Play – to be great in your performances, you need to practice & have fun. To remind yourself of the awesomeness of singing whilst you are practicing, pick a song you love singing that isn’t necessarily part of your upcoming performance & sing it just for fun & cos it makes you feel good.

Day of performance PREP steps

P = Perspective – To combat any performance anxiety, think more about the audience than about yourself. Focus on the energy that you are about to give them. Know that 99.9% of audience members are rooting for you to succeed! Any thoughts of failure or messing up make the performance about YOU & not your audience.

R = Relax/Release tension – Singers’ Stretches/Meditate/Mindfulness/Breath Focus – yet again the singers stretches & meditation turn up! These you can do an hour or so before it’s showtime. Take a few minutes before you go on stage to centre yourself with a few deep breaths & a rag doll if you can!

E = Execute/Engage – Smash that performance out of the park by being completely present & focussed in what you are doing. Don’t worry about the audience or visualising mistakes as they will actualise! Trust that you are ready to go & focus on sharing your music!

P = Perform – JUST DO IT! Get out there & show them what you got! Enjoy yourself & all the preparation that you didto get you to that moment.

Performance PREP questions

Are you ready for your next performance?

If no, have you got a plan in place to get ready?

Do you make time to practice?

If not, why not?

You NEED to be performing, you NEED to practice & have fun while doing bot.

It’s easier to have fun when you feel prepared.

Do you have PREP steps of your own already? Share them with me below, please.


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