When it comes to effectively developing your voice and performance confidence, this is the number one practice to becoming a better singer, regardless of experience.

Before I begin on a vocal coaching journey with a singer, I have them complete my artist questionnaire.

It asks them questions on wellbeing, their practice habits and what their vocal goals are.

I also ask “Are you performing regularly?”.

Each year I like to look through the answers to see consistent patterns of what singers struggle with or want to know more about.

When I looked at the numbers and did a percentage calculation (there are over 129 submissions!), I was shocked to see that over 60% of these singers weren’t performing regularly.

And when I say regularly, I mean once a week through to 1-2 x per month.

The mix of the singers I work with spans from new to emerging to established artists, so EVERYONE is in the same position. 

I rant regularly to anyone that will listen, that the thing that will set you apart is the strength of your live performance abilities.

Now I totally understand that there are many valid reasons why you may not be performing regularly.

  • You don’t feel confident to perform live (yet!)
  • You aren’t at the point where you have songs/backing tracks/a band prepared for live performances
  • There’s nowhere for you to perform live easily
  • There’s a global pandemic!

The number one practice solution

In this week’s video, I spotlight a practice that ticks all the boxes for helping you to create a performance opportunity AND helps you develop your vocals.

Watch the video to learn:

  • 00:00 – Perform, Perform, Perform to Become a Better Singer
  • 01:30 – Use Video as a Practice/Rehearsal/Performance Tool
  • 02:30 – Video Your Practice and Review
  • 03:48 – Video Your Rehearsal and Review
  • 04:48 – Video Your Performance and Review
  • 05:15 – Video Your Performances and Post!
  • 06:40 – Watch Performances of Singers You Love For Inspiration
  • 06:50 – Use Your Video as a Performance Tool
  • 08:00 – Use Your Video to Get Vocal Coaching

Once you’ve watched the video, let me know what you think and if this is something that you can do or maybe already do!

You need to get into this practice as soon as you can.

Let me know if you need any help!

Want me to review your video and offer constructive actionable feedback?

Check this out this coaching tool I offer


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