Taking time before the end of the year to look ahead & set your creative priorities is the way to make 2020 your best singing and performance year ever.

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How to make 2020 your best singing and performance year ever

What foundations need to be laid down for the year that is ahead?

Whether it’s getting your voice gig fit or booking the gigs you want (most event organisers book at least 6-months in advance), you often need a substantial runway to get ready in time & without stressing!

You decide what you want to achieve & reverse engineer the process breaking it into smaller more manageable chunks to tackle.

I like to write all the things I’d like to accomplish on post-it notes or on paper & then transfer to somewhere digitally so that I can reference all the things I need to do across all my devices.

I use visual planning tools like Asana & Trello. As I am transferring my notes to these tools, I edit & order with a sense of priority.

Hot tip 1: For inspiration, look back on last year to help you to work out what you’d like to do more (or less of) in the year to come!

When should you begin your planning?

You can start at any time in the year. I do my planning in November & plan 12 months in advance. I work out the key pillars or important dates like holidays, family events, projects or tours that repeat every year then plan out what coaching opportunities I’d like to create for my clients, for examples, in-person & online workshops or courses, all of which I will be doing in 2020.

Whenever you decide to start, allow yourself a good amount of time before say, the first of January comes along.

If you are a professional musician, it can be pretty crazy from October onwards. Start your planning earlier in March or April.

A timeline of performance opportunities in New Zealand in 2020*:

Hot tip 2: If you want to get the jump on booking these gigs, join the Music Manager’s Forum / MMF (manager’s & independent musicians should do this!) as they have a Speed Networking Session with the key players for these festivals early in the year for the next year’s events.

JanSoundsplash– Raglan / One Love – Tauranga /Laneway – Auckland

FebSplore – Tapapakanga, Auckland / Electric Avenue – Christchurch / Music in the Parks – Auckland (January- April)

MarchWOMAD – New Plymouth / Homegrown – Wellington / Pasifika – Auckland

April – Jazz Festivals – Waiheke & Tauranga

MayNZ Music Month – there are SO many gigs to perform at & be inspired by, live & online. The team that co-ordinate this month do an outstanding job! Get amongst it! 

JuneWellington Jazz Festival – Wellington / Previous MMF Festival Bookers Speed Networking Session = submissions for festivals*

SeptBig Sound  – Brisbane, Australia (a key showcase for NZ talent hoping to get their music abroad!)

NovNZ Music Awards* – you may need to have released original music or have had radio play to be considered for the live event, however, it’s a great show to attend!

DecNew Year’s Eve Festivals – like Rhythm & Vines – check out local events in your area as well as looking for corporate companies that may organise shows also, ie: Sky City Auckland

(* – Timings for all these events & submission dates may change at any point so check the websites & be ready ahead of time just in case!!)

There are many more events that I haven’t added so do your homework & follow-through using the links I have added to be in the running for other gigs, festivals or competitions (ie; if you are at secondary school –  The Big Sing, Rockquest, Tagata Beats, Stand Up Stand Out) if you are interested in & eligible for those performances opportunities.

Why bother to look ahead?

If you don’t, you risk missing out on shows.  Not being performance-ready can lead to turning down offers or not making a positive impact due to being under-prepared.

It’s great to have all your performance ducks in a row so you’ll be able to enjoy the gig!

To do this, your voice, the show or set & all the elements that support getting you & your music to your audience need to be locked & loaded.

What’s Next? 

Start to prepare the resources you need to be able to promote yourself!

Check out my series of posts on Going Pro.  There’s information on what you need & how you can prepare these promotional & business tools for booking gigs or creating performance opportunities.

While you’re at it, commit to nurturing your voice & building a singer’s toolkit of techniques that support your singing & boost your confidence in what your voice can do!

Need some extra help? Book a time to have a chat with me about how I can help you make 2020 your best singing & performance year ever!

If you have any questions or want to show off your 2020 plans, comment below!

Here’s to an AMAZING 2020!

Cherie x

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