Whenever I ask singers what they want to work on, one of the most common requests is how to improve vocal control when singing.

So where should you start if you want to control your voice better? 

Knowing what to focus on when you’re wanting to improve vocal control starts with the 30,000 foot view or what I call, my singing and performance confidence framework – Prepare, Practice, Polish and Perform.

In this video I cover:

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 02:16 – Vocal control and singing confidence framework
  • 02:30 – Prepare – looking after and understanding your voice 
  • 04:27 – Practice – creating an effective focused practice plan
  • 05:34 – Polish  – spend time focusing on studying a song and polish prior to performance
  • 06:39 – Perform – create performance opportunities 
  • 10:41 – Singing techniques for vocal control

Prepare for Vocal Control

As our body houses our instrument, we need to understand what nurtures our voice to help it function at its best. The top three for me are Sleep, Hydration and Nutrition.

Setting up this base foundation that you can then overlay singing techniques onto, comes from a focus on what I call my Prepare phase.

Start with daily vocal care habits. Focussing on vocal health, nurturing your speaking voice and looking after your instrument. 

Knowing a little bit about how your instrument works and how it actually makes sound is a great step towards gaining control of your voice. 

You can learn how your instrument works by working with a vocal coach.

Practice for Vocal Control

Knowing what to focus on in practice will help you to gain more control of your voice. 

You can work on the areas that need development with intention when you are in practice mode. 

How do you know what to focus on? 

Video yourself singing a song and watch back noting three things you enjoyed about your performance and three things to develop. 

Add those as a technical focus as part of your practice plan.

Polish for Vocal Control

Videoing your performances or practices can tell you so much about what you need to polish. 

Try doing what I call a song study. Focus on one song per month, and really delve deeply into it.

Break it down completely, whether it’s a cover or your own song.

Spotlight each element. Know your vocal range so you can put it in the right key for your voice will give you more control instantly.

Then, understanding the story, deciding what voice qualities to use to help the emotional delivery or reinterpretation of the song.

Taking the time to polish and hone each area of your singing is the secret weapon for vocal control. 

Allowing space and time for practice and preparation, but for that Polish phase as well, prior to the next step which is performing.

Perform for Vocal Control

Performing regularly can help to build your vocal control, vocal stamina and your understanding of your performance abilities as a singer.

You can create your own performance opportunities by recording videos for YouTube, going to open mic nights, busking or holding a house concert (with or without guests/audience) and live streaming it.

Going back to the Polish phase, it’s a great idea to record all your performances so you can watch back to observe areas of your singing and performance that you want to polish or spend time crafting whilst in your next practice phase.

If you want a question answered or have more questions about how to control your voice when singing, please pop it below.


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    • Scott Pickens


      I sing primarily in various mens’ groups – TTBB. I’m probably more of a baritone but sing lead (second tenor) because i can and most groups have more baritones than they need.

      I have a nice falsetto. My question is why after 25-30 minutes of singing does my transition back and forth to/from falsetto get “ugly”? My natural voice quality gets worse at the higher range just short of falsetto. It feels and sounds very strained. I try to follow good practice in breathing, positioning, etc.

      Any suggestions?

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