Got Goals? What are your desired outcomes for yourself as an artist or singer?

It’s really hard to figure out what needs to be done to achieve your dreams in music (or in life) if you don’t have a solid idea of what your outcomes are for yourself.

What I am discovering by coaching creatives, is that we know we want to create something, usually performance related & want to hone our skills & tools in the process of developing as artists but don’t necessarily have a very clear vision as to what the outcome is for ourselves.

It may be because we are a bit spoilt for choice in this modern age. For example, to create a performance opportunity, gone are the days of HAVING to hustle to book a venue, rehearse the band, promote the gig & invite people when you can just pop a clip online or live stream & be exposed to a massive audience without leaving your home.

That reality could make things hard as well. It’s tougher to stand out amongst a huge audience using a platform that anyone can access.

Possibly trickier still, what if you don’t want to be a touring/recording musician but have singing or music as a hobby. What are the performance outcomes available to you?

Why do we even need an outcome I hear you ask?

Like with any element of success or achievement it starts with an idea, a goal & then a plan of how to make that happen, usually with a strong why & when thrown in to really lock it down.

When I was an aerobics/gym instructor a million years ago, my clients with the best success were the ones getting married. They had a clear vision of the end goal & it had a date. The why was based around knowing they had one day they would be photographed the most in their their lives & these pics would live on forever, a daily reminder of that moment – on the mantle piece even! That is STRONG motivation!

Just because it’s a creative endeavour does not meant that it defies the laws of life, planning & logistics.

You do need to have a goal in mind, then work backwards to break it into smaller tasks to make it manageable. Small chunks of to-do’s that you can tackle each day.

Why would we not do this for our artistic careers then?

So, I’m asking you to tell me what your outcome is & let me even suggest a few to you. I even have a tool I can share with you that I use to help me figure out what my goals are.

If you are an artist trying to break into the originals arena, a short term outcome or goal could be to create an online audience via social media. Wow them with your talent via regular & consistent videos of you performing your originals or covers.

The short term goal could read like this:

I have recorded & released four videos on YouTube by…(a certain date over a 4 week period). You could go a step further by setting a goal for the number of views or subscribers you want on your channel.

There are so many examples I could give but you need to pick something that feeds your bigger goal.

The mid term goal may be to get enough likes on your Facebook Fan Page, (usually upwards of 1000) to be able to apply for funding through Creative New Zealand or NZ on Air (or the similar body if you live outside NZ)

The long term goal could be to release your first single by a year from the date you first started your YouTube channel.

So you get the gist. Super specific outcomes to keep you focussed & moving forward.

If you are a hobbyist or singing enthusiast, your goal plan could look like this:

Short term – learn 3 songs that you love singing & challenge you

Mid term – post clips to YouTube or perform a small concert in front of your immediate family

Longer term – audition to join a choir with a solo as your big dream within a year of your plan starting

The list & combination of options goes on & on!

It’s just really important to have these little nuggets to work on to keep you moving forward & developing creatively.

When I’m coaching, I always give my singers a goal planning exercise before we start. We refine it as we work together, the time frames & goals can change & evolve but we always have a clear road map of where we are going!

This is the exact tool I give to my students, my (new & improved) goal planning guide. Grab it for yourself & use it to trigger some ideas of what you want to work on & what your outcomes are. Then share those outcomes with me.

I’m always happy to give advice via email or chat on the phone & you can book that with me here.

Looking forward to reading your comments & sharing in your dreams for your best creative selfs.

Go hard!

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