I’m taking you behind the scenes on tour with me as I travel to Singapore for the first ever South East Asia Synthony show!

Firstly, let me introduce you to the awesomeness that is Synthony.

A combination of the biggest global dance tracks of all time, performed by a full 60-piece orchestra, DJs and vocalists with a mesmerising laser light makes for an epic show that has been running in New Zealand since 2017.

I was lucky enough to start as a backing vocalist (my favourite gig!), in 2018 and over the years have moved into a featured artist role.

2020 was meant to be my last year with the show due to my touring schedule with L.A.B, the band I exclusively do backing vocals for now.

It just so happened that this date at the end of October didn’t clash with my usual tour schedule and I was so excited to do Synthony again unexpectedly!

It takes a (very talented) village!

I was so happy and honoured to share the stage with the incredible Ella Monnery (vocals), Greg Gould (vocals) and Lewis McCallum (saxophone).

As well as the true stars of the show, the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra conducted by the amazing Brent Stewart.

Music arrangements and show direction were absolutely smashed by Ryan Youens.

Massive shout out to Musical Director Dick Johnson who comes up with and crafts the songs lovingly.

Then there is the invaluable sound and lighting team.

Mark Corbett on front of house sound, Heath Clapperton on monitors, Jason Steel on lighting.

Last but not least, Randall Nolan and the Duco Events team for wrangling us out the gate!

It really takes a massive team of amazing people to make great shows like this happen.

This show was at the the Float @ Marina Bay on Saturday 29th October.

Check out the video that takes you on tour with me over four days to the gorgeous Singapore!

You can also see my other behind the scenes on tour videos, where I share every detail about the ins and outs of touring, how I get myself and my voice ready go singing as well as all the singer specific gadgets I use!

If you have any questions about touring, singing or how to become a professional singer, please comment below.


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