I’m taking you behind the scenes 72-hours pre-performance spotlighting the best practices to focus on three days before a big show.

When you have an important performance coming up, the 72 hours prior is a key timeframe for setting your voice up for singing success.

Feeling relaxed leading into the show or studio session because you are prepared and ready to go, is an extra bonus!

You want to prioritise your daily vocal care habits and general wellbeing practices.

Especially if you haven’t been mindful of your voice in the weeks up to this point.

Watch the video to see what to focus on in the 72-hours pre-performance: 

  • (00:29) – Sleep
  • (01:41) – Hydration
  • (02:26) – Nutrition
  • (02:18) – Speaking Voice Mindfulness
  • (02:36) – “Marking”
  • (02:55) – Avoid Misusing Your Voice
  • (03:15) – Vocal Rest
  • (03:27) – Move/Stretch/Relax
  • (03:50) – Daily Vocal Care Habits
  • (04:21) – Backstage Pre-Performance

72-Hour Pre-Performance Checklist

I’ve created a comprehensive checklist which you can grab for yourself and watch a video walking through each practice in more detail here.

Using a 72-Hour Pre-Performance Checklist helps you to access the best practices to use to get your voice ready to perform FAST.


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